My contribution to Software is to improve large Cloud Software Systems through the development of best practices as well as applying the latest Computer Science principles. I’m  a proven technical leader, who likes to work on challenging engineering problems while architecting resilient, scalable and evolutionary systems.

I always believe leading by example and never doubt getting my hands dirty as the best way of showing my leadership. I have worked in many diverse software projects such as Online Social Games, Autonomous Racing Car Simulation Engine, High Traffic Website Frontends, E-commerce Websites, iOS/Android Apps and Cloud Native Apps on Azure spanning over more than 15 years of professional experience in the field.

Whilst gaining experience in software craftsmanship, I have carried on improving my Computer Science knowledge by having Advanced Software Engineering Masters Degree at King’s College London, UK in 2013.

I have spent my last 6 years at Poq joining as their first engineer hire by experiences and learning how to scale a SaaS Platform, building a great startup, finding awesome people to work and serving to great retails in the UK and US. This has led me to experience how hard building a great team and a great product Customers love and want. I have witnessed first hand how hard it is to build a category that can really change the world. When I left Poq, the team was around 100+ people working as Principal Engineer. The Platform I have built was making around ~£1M a day with more than 30 enterprise retails.

I’m really keen to reflect all these hard gained experiences in my next role to the team via a mentor-mentor relationship with fellow engineers, designers, product managers and leaders.