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Enjoying Collaborative Success Exclusively

I see a lot of glory photos from events that some successful startups I follow share over and over again someone from Engineering team (I’m excluding myself as I cannot attend religiously), would have never been to. At least, I haven’t seen in my career anything before in organisations I worked for!

10 Signs Of A Boring Startup With Low Retention Rate

I have been writing code and building products more than 15 years now. I have been lucky enough to start my career just around the twilight of Internet, TDD, Extreme Programming and finally Agile. I have had a chance to work in so many different product team sizes and captured so many different aspects of success and failure in my career. Recently, I started to think about things around Product Development and Agile deeply especially in the era of Product vs Service company discussions. In this article, I’m aiming to share my perspective on the topic of Product Teams and Product Development purely from my experience, observations and background.

What is Legacy Code?

This is a summary of articles and books I have read in the subject over time with some notes from the original sources. Unfortunately I have lost the reference list. If you feel that some pieces of opinions/information stated here belongs to your article or book, please do contact me and I’m happy to update this article with correct references.

Chaos Engineering Is Not For Us!

A relatively new concept and most of the organisation I work with are far away from even thinking it but there are important details on this so that we can still apply or optimise our perspective on failures…

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