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Building Microservices Book Summary

These are notes and commentary I have gathered while reading Building Microservices. These are usually aligned with the chapter order and topics laid out in the book. However, to respect the author and leaving you to read and consume it in your way, I have preferred my own wording around the key points. I hope you enjoy them and get the high level feeling in a way that would push you to read the book.

Don't Have Time For Tests

If somehow in your head you believe you don’t have time to write tests or TDD doesn’t make sense to you, this article might change your mind.

Psychological Tricks & Side Effects of Data-Driven Decisions

The trend in our age is using data, generating data nad making decisions out of data. Data is the new petrolium of our age represents wealth and power. However, when we use data, not everyone feels and sees the same and psychologically, we may even make them feel wrong. In this topic, I have seen this article to back my assertion up.

Agile Manifesto

From time to time, I reconsider Agile Development and organisations applying it to mostly development processes and operations. In this context, I’m noting down to myself keep in mind the key parts of Agile Manifesto.

Programming Quick Bites

Here are some of my notes taken recently while reading some articles about programming.

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