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Some Notes on Learning iOS Development

Here are my notes I took while following Apple’s getting started documents for iOS App Development. Also, it is better to bear in mind that I have .Net/C# background for years and mostly comparing iOS Development flow within this context.


I’ve been always blaming myself about being a procrastinator. However, after reading some great articles and research on Internet about the topic for a while, I’ve summarised these four bullet points as a remedy for myself. I’ve been applying them especially after started working remotely and they are worth trying! Here are my notes from those articles. Also, you can find the link of my favourite one at the end the post.

Some Notes on UX

I’ve been collecting some notes from articles about UX for a while. After they reached some threshold, I thought it might be better to share them.

Is It Worth Trying Azure?

After starting to use Azure last year, there has been so many changes. While some of them were beneficial for the developers, on the other hand, some of them were just for the business and profits. I’m not planning to go deep into those changes but during the time I use the service, I gained an experience and I would like to share them.

MVC Code-First vs Others

I’ve been working on MVC with Code First approach for a while (more than 1 year). It’s very stable and makes you move faster. If you are targeting a web application which has all its logic in business layer and you use database layer just for storage then Code First approach best fits on this. There are numerous posts outside on Internet about how to learn it. I won’t go that direction. However, I’ll try to explain similarities of MVC Code First vs others (Django and Ruby on Rails).

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