!is tiny, is false is not!

A confusing blog title like this is to remind why using ! in programming sometimes confuses other readers of your program. Let alone confusing people, sometimes due to big screens, rushing code review, different fonts etc., it is easy to miss ! in your statement. I have been practicing empty string checks in C# usingContinue reading “!is tiny, is false is not!”

Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#

For most of the recent projects I have been involved, there was always a dependency consumed via an HTTP call. These were downstream services, other microservices or 3rd party systems. Depending on the architecture and code flow, I have seen a huge need for mocking HttpRequest starting from unit tests to all the way toContinue reading “Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#”

C# To Cath Them All

Today I learned that Pokemon Go app is written using Unity and C# of course to support cross platform good performance experience… This really shows how far C# came along not only being a web app framework language but more of a generic purpose powerhouse. I have not previously used C# for mobile development butContinue reading “C# To Cath Them All”