Sunday Cleaning 🧹

I started to use typescript and nodejs more frequently in my latest projects due to CDK. However, I didn’t realise the side effects especially on node modules folder… Yes, it is 18.42GB of dependency code just sitting in different POC projects 😬 I’m now thinking about how to improve the storage efficiency of these tinyContinue reading “Sunday Cleaning 🧹”

Longer functions, higher productivity, less defects…

software developers should be wary of breaking their code into too small pieces, and actively avoid introducing very short (1-3 lines) functions when given the choice. At the very least unnecessary single-line functions (ie. excluding getters, setters etc.) should be all but banned. Source: Very short functions are a code smell – an overview ofContinue reading “Longer functions, higher productivity, less defects…”

Beyond The Legacy Code Book Summary

These are my notes from the book Beyond The Legacy Code by David Bernstein. I think most of the items here are always acknowledged by developers, managers etc. but really applying them in daily development activities take a lot of time to establish as a culture. Say what, why and for whom before how (turningContinue reading “Beyond The Legacy Code Book Summary”