Value Created by Testing Infrastructure Code

The simplest answer is Customer Trust. As you can see from above screenshot, I’m able to get a quick feedback, as fast as 5 seconds, from my Infrastructure Code, CDK Application if I’m going to be earning more Customer Trust or not after the deployment… In this tiny setup, I have an important DynamoDB TableContinue reading “Value Created by Testing Infrastructure Code”

To 5XX or Not to 5XX?

Speaking of 5XX errors, I have a strong opinion from a good API design perspective. I developed these opinions by working at both client level and at server level in different projects or even at the same project. Also, seeing how HTTP Clients of popular frameworks in NodeJS, Javascript, Java and even .Net, 5XX is something weContinue reading “To 5XX or Not to 5XX?”

Platform Gold Rush!

I have seen unhappiness of engineers in these setups. They join to learn a new cool technology advertised and groomed during hiring. Instead, they end up working and learning towards someone’s abstraction of that tech in the form of Platform Teams…   Platform thinking, autonomous teams, and organic growth may be better than internal platformContinue reading “Platform Gold Rush!”

Always Fail Forward and Pull over Push

Clearly during COVID-19, Slack became more mainstream. I was wondering how they cope with that scale and found this article. They shared how they deploy. These are the interesting points from the article. Deploys require a careful balance of speed and reliability. As understand from their article, although they are available globally, they still mainly operateContinue reading “Always Fail Forward and Pull over Push”

Tracking Request Body via Application Insights

Application Insights is a great monitoring tool combines tracing, monitoring and even logging via custom events in one place. For any application running on Azure, it is the native way of doing and especially for .NetCore applications (.NetFramework is still supported?) so much easier to integrate. As most of the tracing tools in the marketContinue reading “Tracking Request Body via Application Insights”

DevOps is not

I think knowing what it isn’t makes life much easier than trying to fit it in various bespoke definitions… DevOps is NOT… easily achieved nor implemented a product or tool chain a job title or role a cloud infrastructure provider a book a technology a programming language a marketing campaign CI/CD Kubernetes containers open sourceContinue reading “DevOps is not”

If you have a team called Devops, just stop!

I firmly believe the centralization of infrastructure automation and especially terraforming are defeating the purpose of Devops and Continous Value Delivery. Every deployment/repo should have their own terraform scripts that can be run in every release atomically for that deployment/repo. This will make sure the blast radius of something going wrong contained to one repo/deployment.Continue reading “If you have a team called Devops, just stop!”