I experienced how hard building a great team and a great product Customers love and want. I witnessed how hard to build a category that can really change the world. Without a doubt, this will foster greatly my product & engineering thinking in my next adventure.

During my recent years, learning how to scale a SaaS Platform, building a great startup, finding awesome people to work and serving to great retails in the UK and US have been added as indispensable assets to my career and experience. Moreover, I have had a chance working at scale and building software for more than 100M monthly active users in search, marketplace and travel industry reaching more than 32 markets.

I’m always keen to reflect all these hard gained experiences in my next role to the team via a mentor-mentor relationship with fellow engineers, designers, product managers, leaders and of course to the customers.

Currently, I’m Software Engineer at AWS working with customers to help them build and use AWS to solve their business problems.

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