Refactoring or Retiring Can be a A Feature

A really good article from Nature lays out why the bias towards additive solutions might be further compounded by the fact that subtractive solutions are also less likely to be appreciated. In product development, friction points around refactoring and retiring features are widely popular in discussions among the engineers in any organisation. However, the biasContinue reading “Refactoring or Retiring Can be a A Feature”

Simple, very dumb system that constantly works

A great article from Amazon’s Builder Library. These patterns have three key features. One, they don’t scale up or slow down with load or stress. Two, they don’t have modes, which means they do the same operations in all conditions. Three, if they have any variation, it’s to do less work in times of stressContinue reading “Simple, very dumb system that constantly works”

Leading or managing?

It is a really short article but puts the definition of Leaders, Managers and Creators ver well. Leadership is different than management. Leaders are exploring, going to new places. Managers are enforcing, using authority to improve results. Leaders have to invent what is possible. I think there is too much to think, document, discuss andContinue reading “Leading or managing?”

Security should/will/always be Job 0

The Solar Winds hack is still being unfolded. A good summary article from Bruce Schneier explains just how bad it is. Some important points to note: Origin Orion is a network management product from a company named SolarWinds, with over 300,000 customers worldwide. Possible Root Cause (So far..) We don’t know how, but last yearContinue reading “Security should/will/always be Job 0”