Back to the Future

This is a really interesting take on app architecture. Although it doesn’t unfold a lot of details, it still gives a perspective. A BFF to handle client-server sync An SQLLite DB for state management Using OS UI to reduce boilerplate Using perf budgeting to keep things under control Project LightSpeed: Rewriting the Messenger codebase forContinue reading “Back to the Future”

More browser based workflows…

I have been using Sketch for a long time and been really happy with its native Mac performance. However, one of the problems between dev and designer was the handoff. I used tools like Zeplin but again it was just too much of a ask for designer to upload the Sketch file to another toolContinue reading “More browser based workflows…”

Paying bills on time! This is no different than having a good financial independence, paying bills on time! Not paying bills on time punishes you with services being cut, reduced comfort and increased levels of stress for everyday. This analogy is no different when it comes to tech debts in architecture, code base and even at the productContinue reading “Paying bills on time!”

Avoid working half of the product! I think, this article explains really well how not to scale an engineering team. I really liked this analogy. When a team only works and be responsible half of the product, everything else falls apart. Especially introduction of microservices as an architecture and organisation pattern, to avoid above issues, it is also better toContinue reading “Avoid working half of the product!”

Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#

For most of the recent projects I have been involved, there was always a dependency consumed via an HTTP call. These were downstream services, other microservices or 3rd party systems. Depending on the architecture and code flow, I have seen a huge need for mocking HttpRequest starting from unit tests to all the way toContinue reading “Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#”

Non-Architecture is architecture!

After a long time of frustration and annoyance of pushing architecture to better state in the companies I previously worked, this article reflected very well on me. Especially when everyone’s focus is on growth, the non-architecture becomes the only architecture pattern in hand. This usually follows with new members joining the team and to proveContinue reading “Non-Architecture is architecture!”