Platform Gold Rush!

I have seen unhappiness of engineers in these setups. They join to learn a new cool technology advertised and groomed during hiring. Instead, they end up working and learning towards someone’s abstraction of that tech in the form of Platform Teams…   Platform thinking, autonomous teams, and organic growth may be better than internal platformContinue reading “Platform Gold Rush!”

Longer functions, higher productivity, less defects…

software developers should be wary of breaking their code into too small pieces, and actively avoid introducing very short (1-3 lines) functions when given the choice. At the very least unnecessary single-line functions (ie. excluding getters, setters etc.) should be all but banned. Source: Very short functions are a code smell – an overview ofContinue reading “Longer functions, higher productivity, less defects…”

I loved playing The Need for Speed

If you’re in a group of people being chased by a bear, you only need to be faster than the slowest person in the group. But that’s not how websites work: being faster than at least one other website, or even faster than the ‘average’ website, is not a great achievement when the average websiteContinue reading “I loved playing The Need for Speed”

How big is a two-pizza team?

I have been part of organisations famously followed Spotify Model that even Spotify themselves not following it. Maybe this has been an easier way to frame the good old practices for a new shinier HR policy. Maybe this has been a way to keep people entertained when they suffered from communication overhead too much. Whatever theContinue reading “How big is a two-pizza team?”

Always Fail Forward and Pull over Push

Clearly during COVID-19, Slack became more mainstream. I was wondering how they cope with that scale and found this article. They shared how they deploy. These are the interesting points from the article. Deploys require a careful balance of speed and reliability. As understand from their article, although they are available globally, they still mainly operateContinue reading “Always Fail Forward and Pull over Push”

Tracking Request Body via Application Insights

Application Insights is a great monitoring tool combines tracing, monitoring and even logging via custom events in one place. For any application running on Azure, it is the native way of doing and especially for .NetCore applications (.NetFramework is still supported?) so much easier to integrate. As most of the tracing tools in the marketContinue reading “Tracking Request Body via Application Insights”

Back to the Future

This is a really interesting take on app architecture. Although it doesn’t unfold a lot of details, it still gives a perspective. A BFF to handle client-server sync An SQLLite DB for state management Using OS UI to reduce boilerplate Using perf budgeting to keep things under control Project LightSpeed: Rewriting the Messenger codebase forContinue reading “Back to the Future”