Running .NetCore Apps Faster and Cheaper on Azure

I have been using Azure from almost the very first public beta days as I have previously noted down. Most of the time when I discuss the price/performance details with other fellows in the industry and especially the ones running .NetCore at scale on AWS, I usually heard that AWS being cheaper and faster moreContinue reading “Running .NetCore Apps Faster and Cheaper on Azure”

DevOps is not

I think knowing what it isn’t makes life much easier than trying to fit it in various bespoke definitions… DevOps is NOT… easily achieved nor implemented a product or tool chain a job title or role a cloud infrastructure provider a book a technology a programming language a marketing campaign CI/CD Kubernetes containers open sourceContinue reading “DevOps is not”

Resiliency Upgrade Is Now Easier Than Ever

I have been working on a small project that has some components which have some real-time inter-dependencies. Most of these dependencies are actually making sure a request with access token (JWT/OpenId) is from a genuine user and that user has correct access rights. Although the token and UserPrincipal have enough information, regarding the critical operationsContinue reading “Resiliency Upgrade Is Now Easier Than Ever”

It is not the size, it is the autonomy…

Amazon’s “two-pizza teams”: The ultimate divisional organization Amazon’s “two-pizza teams” are well-known; they’ve been written about in Fast Company and the WSJ. But almost everyone misses the point. They aren’t about team size—they’re about autonomy and accountability. I have seen so many people, conferences, articles talking about this topic but never seen a better explanationContinue reading “It is not the size, it is the autonomy…”