Living in London is playing Tetris

Whether you drive in narrow streets of North London or trying to find a parking spot at the edge of congestion charge zone, you are in constant challenge of squeezing into small pockets of space with your car. It is almost like playing Tetris… Find the spot, swiftly progress, fit in and wait for the next challenge…

This is not so different at your home too. You have an average 35 sq/m or less space and slightly increasing number of furniture for comfort. Now all you have to do is imagining your living space as Tetris Level 99… You are given some of the furniture by your landlord or landlady… They are just bulky or not easy to de-assemble! Now you need to find the space, put L or T shaped furniture.

The only problem is this is real life and making all blocks fit doesn’t clear the space! It just ads up…


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