Another Reason to Use Ad Blockers

I think it has been always an issue for me using ad blockers and being blocked by the website when they detect I’m using it… Now I have a huge believe that costing me $23 per month in bandwidth even though I have unlimited internet access… Even if this money doesn’t go out my pocketContinue reading “Another Reason to Use Ad Blockers”

Some Sunday Thoughts on Software Design

I have just read a really good analysis on 737-Max crashes and the role of software engineering in safety critical systems. This is a really interesting highlight! Given the fact that most of the companies nowadays don’t seem to find value of having technical Product/Project Managers, management aspect of software engineering is always important toContinue reading “Some Sunday Thoughts on Software Design”

What is Legacy Code?

This is a summary of articles and books I have read in the subject over time with some notes from the original sources. Unfortunately I have lost the reference list. If you feel that some pieces of opinions/information stated here belongs to your article or book, please do contact me and I’m happy to updateContinue reading “What is Legacy Code?”

Chaos Engineering Is Not For Us!

A relatively new concept and most of the organisation I work with are far away from even thinking it but there are important details on this so that we can still apply or optimise our perspective on failures… The following anology has just clicked on me like a missing piece in the big picture. ifContinue reading “Chaos Engineering Is Not For Us!”

Building Microservices Book Summary

These are notes and commentary I have gathered while reading Building Microservices. These are usually aligned with the chapter order and topics laid out in the book. However, to respect the author and leaving you to read and consume it in your way, I have preferred my own wording around the key points. I hope youContinue reading “Building Microservices Book Summary”