Software Architecture Conference Notes

16-18 October 2017, London Day 1 Architect as a Storyteller  Architects are elevators going from engine room to penthouse Don’t try to create another dry document, focus on story telling Architects are the institutional memories of companies  Architecting is hard  Architects decide which JavaScript library we will regret 6 months later We are agile, weContinue reading “Software Architecture Conference Notes”

Agile Manifesto

From time to time, I reconsider Agile Development and organisations applying it to mostly development processes and operations. In this context, I’m noting down to myself keep in mind the key parts of Agile Manifesto. Individuals and Interactions over processes and toolsThis says that people are more important over how we develop and what tools weContinue reading “Agile Manifesto”

Programming Quick Bites

Here are some of my notes taken recently while reading some articles about programming. … “Measure twice, cut once.” Or “Google it.” Whatever you call it, most programming problems you’re likely to encounter have been solved in some form already … Good programmers know to do the research before they try to solve a problem.Continue reading “Programming Quick Bites”

Some Notes on Learning iOS Development

Here are my notes I took while following Apple’s getting started documents for iOS App Development. Also, it is better to bear in mind that I have .Net/C# background for years and mostly comparing iOS Development flow within this context. Great apps solve a single, well-defined problem Part of defining the purpose is understanding whatContinue reading “Some Notes on Learning iOS Development”