Some Notes on Learning iOS Development

Here are my notes I took while following Apple’s getting started documents for iOS App Development. Also, it is better to bear in mind that I have .Net/C# background for years and mostly comparing iOS Development flow within this context.

Great apps solve a single, well-defined problem

Part of defining the purpose is understanding what one will motivate to use your app

An app concept doesn’t have to be completely polished and finished. Still, it helps to have an idea of where you’re going and what you need to get there.

XCode auto complete works perfect?!

Control-Drag features save the day. It was a feeling of Drag&Drop features of Visual Studio back in 2003 comparing with Eclipse for Android.

The syntax looked weird at the beginning. However, I liked the idea behind why Objective-C is a good extension of C in terms of modern object-oriented paradigms.

Xcode and iOS simulator are one of the fastest IDE combinations like Visual Studio and IIS Express 🙂

The documentation itself is so friendly and the topics are not overwhelmingly boring. It just flows and you might not realise the time spent while following. I realised it after 8th hour :))


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