Agile Manifesto

From time to time, I reconsider Agile Development and organisations applying it to mostly development processes and operations. In this context, I’m noting down to myself keep in mind the key parts of Agile Manifesto.

Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools
This says that people are more important over how we develop and what tools we use to develop the software.

Working software over comprehensive documentation
Don’t spend all your time writing documentation that becomes outdated before you need it. Deliver real, working software, and do it often..

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 
Don’t waste time trying to define every little thing in the contract. Keep the customer informed on what you’re doing. This is generally done daily in a stand-up. Then at the most, every two weeks in a sprint review, where you show off the work you did in the two weeks before and actually deliver it to the user so they can test it.

Responding to change over following a plan
Business needs change. Prepare for this change. Embrace it. Accept it.


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