Chaos Engineering Is Not For Us!

A relatively new concept and most of the organisation I work with are far away from even thinking it but there are important details on this so that we can still apply or optimise our perspective on failures…

The following anology has just clicked on me like a missing piece in the big picture.

if you work out too hard, you will break something, in the hospital, you cannot walk the next day, that is too hard. If you don’t go to the gym ever and you have to run to catch a plane and have a heart attack, that is a bad thing. So there’s a level of working out that is good, most people have too little exercise, and running for planes is probably my main exercise at this point in my life. You want enough exercise that you are slightly stronger each time you do it; that’s the right level of exercise for an antifragile system, and that’s what we are doing in chaos engineering, enough so that we don’t break the system.

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