A very lovely city not far from London less than 2 hours by car. The city centre is not big and you can really walk around more than two hours and can see all the major attractions.

Westgate Park

Next to river, it is a great peaceful place that could make you feel like in heavens…

When you are traveling with kids, this children playground can take some stress off and let you little ones unleash their energy while you could take a small coffee or tea break

Usually parks in England are really well organised but this one here is particularly good and I really liked it. The small walking paths here feels like you are in Alice in Wonderland…

Also by walking by the river, you have a chance to walk on the First Main Road of Britain 🇬🇧….

High Street

I think this kind of places are really great and are very well preserved. Do you feel like you’re living may be like in a small town by actually everything is very accessible you can see big chain stores and all little local stores in the High Street. You can even fine stores that are dating back to 1500’s…


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