Unplatforming your Platform

As usual, Martin Fowler put a really nice piece about one of the most used buzzwords in today’s digital economy. It is a bit medium length read but with his real life examples, it will ring a lot of bells if you are working for a software company doing it as a service…

The most important part of the article is where to start as I quoted here:

There are some prerequisites for success in establishing a delivery platform. Firstly you will probably already be on your journey to move away from ‘project’ as the primary mechanism for funding and staffing delivery of technology. Platform is a product, and needs a long-lived and stable product team tasked with both build and run.

Secondly you must be willing to shift some or all of the run responsibility for applications into the application teams and away from centralised operations and support. The platform provides tools and services to allow application teams to take responsibility for what they build, this won’t happen while support is centralised.

More details are on the link


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