Day 1

After almost like an hour and 15 minutes flight from London we landed to Prague airport. One thing that looked really different than most of the airports I have been to was having duty-free section before the passport control. So you don’t really get into long corridors leading to passport control but get into all those shiny stores and windows that makes you feel more welcome.

At the time of the travel 1 pound was almost 30 kron so we took Uber from airport to city centre which was really fast and reliable.

Old Town Square

Within the walking distance from where we stayed,  The Old Town Square was a really good historic place with nice cafés and a very public open space with lots of history…

Astronomical Clock

The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest clock still operating.

The skeleton rings the bell on the hour and the other figures shake their heads to deny calling of death… This reminds how life is short and death is just around the corner! For a thinking soul, so many lessons to extract!

Also you can visit tower for a 450 krons for a family ticket. Also, don’t wait for the elevator as there is no stairs instead a small ramp in every storey so you can just climb up easily.

Prague Castle

Located at the hill, it is a really good historic place looks like dating back the ones like in Oxford Cambridge. The castle has also a very large living area which must be the old Prague city?

Day 2

We have rented a car from Budgets on a really good budget and we drove to the south of Prague. I think overall the highway and the connecting roads are very well maintained and speed limit was around 120 km/h.

The State Chateau of Hluboká

On the way to Krumlov, we found this castle which was really nice. It has a very good maze garden and also looks like a very popular destination because at this time of the year it felt really crowded and busy.

Český Krumlov

A very historic city with beautiful architecture and very well preserved buildings. One of the Unesco World Heritage sites…

If you’re lucky, you can also see the parade which shows lots of different local and historic costumes of the city!

Day 3

If you’re having late or early departures, you can use lockers inside the main railway station which will cost you only 100 krons

I think you should also see the lights of the city after sunset. There are lots of beautiful buildings with good night lighting…

Perill Hill

A very nice view of the city from the top hil. You can also use tramway to climb up for a less than 1 pound!


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