Paying bills on time!

This is no different than having a good financial independence, paying bills on time! Not paying bills on time punishes you with services being cut, reduced comfort and increased levels of stress for everyday.

This analogy is no different when it comes to tech debts in architecture, code base and even at the product as in conceptual debt some call it…

Paying it on time gives your customer and people working in your company a healthy foundation, software independence such that you can focus on competition, customer satisfaction and many more critical things.

Unfortunately the tech debt is used as granted for quick success, quick scale of short term wins while the army of better experienced people joining to team trying to pay back. Most of the time total cost is cumulative and most of the people, especially Founders, struggle to understand why they are going slower….

To sum up with the same analogy, you made really good home made cakes to sell in the market for acquiring new customers without paying your bills on time. Using the money you earned, you hired professional master chefs to serve set of new customers. Without listening to early team members as they are like broken records and ignoring the ambitions of the new members, you keep skipping the payments and one day people start to cook in the dark. Because electricity is cut by the provider, your master chefs either cook something they are not proud and customers are unhappy. This goes on and on…

Pay your bills on time, reduce tech debt…


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