Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#

For most of the recent projects I have been involved, there was always a dependency consumed via an HTTP call. These were downstream services, other microservices or 3rd party systems. Depending on the architecture and code flow, I have seen a huge need for mocking HttpRequest starting from unit tests to all the way toContinue reading “Unit Testing HttpRequest in C#”

Non-Architecture is architecture!

After a long time of frustration and annoyance of pushing architecture to better state in the companies I previously worked, this article reflected very well on me. Especially when everyone’s focus is on growth, the non-architecture becomes the only architecture pattern in hand. This usually follows with new members joining the team and to proveContinue reading “Non-Architecture is architecture!”

Running .NetCore Apps Faster and Cheaper on Azure

I have been using Azure from almost the very first public beta days as I have previously noted down. Most of the time when I discuss the price/performance details with other fellows in the industry and especially the ones running .NetCore at scale on AWS, I usually heard that AWS being cheaper and faster moreContinue reading “Running .NetCore Apps Faster and Cheaper on Azure”

DevOps is not

I think knowing what it isn’t makes life much easier than trying to fit it in various bespoke definitions… DevOps is NOT… easily achieved nor implemented a product or tool chain a job title or role a cloud infrastructure provider a book a technology a programming language a marketing campaign CI/CD Kubernetes containers open sourceContinue reading “DevOps is not”

Resiliency Upgrade Is Now Easier Than Ever

I have been working on a small project that has some components which have some real-time inter-dependencies. Most of these dependencies are actually making sure a request with access token (JWT/OpenId) is from a genuine user and that user has correct access rights. Although the token and UserPrincipal have enough information, regarding the critical operationsContinue reading “Resiliency Upgrade Is Now Easier Than Ever”