A Good Story of a Web Developer Publishing to Native World

You know, because digital information can take 2 days to travel from server A to server B I think this is really an eye opening case. Business deal with data and possibly storing and using Public Cloud Providers, they should change the mentality of how they server to their customers. I know that eventual consistencyContinue reading “A Good Story of a Web Developer Publishing to Native World”

Tight Coupling Made Easy In Microservices

I think with the popularity of microservices, this issue has become a more prominent discussion at code reviews, design meetings etc. There are obvious places like Contracts to be the best abstraction and even distributed in a private package manager feed so that you avoid duplication and don’t repeat yourself. However, as mentioned in theContinue reading “Tight Coupling Made Easy In Microservices”

Beyond The Legacy Code Book Summary

These are my notes from the book Beyond The Legacy Code by David Bernstein. I think most of the items here are always acknowledged by developers, managers etc. but really applying them in daily development activities take a lot of time to establish as a culture. Say what, why and for whom before how (turningContinue reading “Beyond The Legacy Code Book Summary”

If you have a team called Devops, just stop!

I firmly believe the centralization of infrastructure automation and especially terraforming are defeating the purpose of Devops and Continous Value Delivery. Every deployment/repo should have their own terraform scripts that can be run in every release atomically for that deployment/repo. This will make sure the blast radius of something going wrong contained to one repo/deployment.Continue reading “If you have a team called Devops, just stop!”

How many more chat apps you can fit to Internet?

After a controversial and annoying week for Zoom and its users, I reminded myself to update the Mac app and saw this new interface. This is really nice so I have clear actions and my schedule, most probably connected to Google Calendar. It felt like a proper Video Meeting manager. However, the details are hiddenContinue reading “How many more chat apps you can fit to Internet?”